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How do you find the right assisted living center for your or a loved one? FSN Hospitals can help you search for an assisted living facility near you or your loved one.

The first step is deciding which type of assisted living facility matches your needs. Assisted living facilities run the gamut from active retirement communities to continuing care nursing homes.

Assisted Living Options

Assisted living options are defined by the amount and kind of care provided. The care provided usually consists of housekeeping, meals, medical care, and other assistance as needed by residents whom for the most part are able to care for themselves.

Retirement Community

- a community of independent housing planned around the needs and wants of retirees of a certain age and interest. These communities have special facilities including extensive amenities like clubhouses, swimming pools, arts and crafts, boating, trails, golf courses, active adult retail and on-site medical facilities.

Retirement Homes

- a building complex in which retirees live. This type of senior housing gives residents access to a meals or a cafeteria, medical assistance, a gathering place and recreation.

Senior Care Home

- a program in which senior can receive in home care for a multitude of needs. This option is a way for the elderly to receive in-house treatment from physician, specially-trained nurses and highly-skilled clinicians in an effect to give them the freedom to live independently as long as possible.

Independent Living Centers

- a facility that allows disabled individuals to live as independently as possible. These centers are usually non-residential and assist individuals disabilities with the access to housing, employment, transportation, communities, recreational facilities, and health and social services needed.

Assisted living or senior living centers

- Residential housing for seniors or individuals with disabilities that provide medical assistance, meals, personal care services and social and physical activities.

Assisted living also includes nursing homes which are equipped to care for persons unable to care for themselves whether through advanced age or chronic illness. Nursing home options consist of both skilled nursing homes and VA nursing homes.
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